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About Got Interface

Our Beginning

Human Machine Interface

In 1994 – after founding several successful companies – Bob Galvin, Sr. and Robert J Galvin Jr. saw the extensive opportunities in providing industries with state of the art Human to Machine interface products. Understanding the immense changes that would drive the Human to Machine Input product world toward what it is morphing into today, they built a small engineering, design, sales and management company into a world class interface consortium. Although membrane switches and rubber keypads continue to be a staple of the HMI industry, emerging technologies, materials and processes are quickly becoming the preferred choice with customers from every industry base. This new dynamic has drastically changed the knowledge base needed to design, engineer and manufacture these new products and Got Interface has chosen to devote a concerted effort to answering that need.

Our Team

Human Machine Interface

Through the founders’ foresight, GOT Interface has assembled a team of industry experts well versed in both mature interface products as well as emerging capacitive, IR and ink technologies. In so doing GOT has positioned itself as the technological leader in the industry. Beyond our front end capabilities, framed by over 25 years of experience, GOT Interface, understood the need for varied manufacturing capabilities to be able to offer all HMI technologies to the customer. No single manufacturing company has this capability and with this in mind GOT Interface has carefully chosen and partnered with some of the best HMI manufacturing companies in the world. Combining our capabilities with that of our consortium of manufacturer’s allows GOT to offer a level of confidence to our customers based on the following:

Risk management:

  • The consortium members are focused experts in the manufacture of their respective technology sectors.
  • They offer dual sourcing within the consortium.
  • Additional production capacity when required.
  • Teamwork approach within the consortium ensuring quicker lead times and better project management.

Asset management:

  • Allows GOT Interface to focus its talent and resources on delivering the best valued product design for traditional as well as emerging technologies rather than the details of the everyday management of a manufacturing facility.
  • Frees GOT from the capital expenses required to maintain manufacturing technology excellence thus allowing GOT to invest in researching, designing and prototyping new forms of HMI.

Our Services

Human Machine Interface

Working closely with its partners and customers, and understanding their needs and accepting their input, GOT Interface is making a substantial investment toward, continuously building a library of firmware, software and hard demo products that will allow our customers and technical sales people to work together, expeditiously, to determine what will work within their design parameters and what will not. We then take the concept and construct a delineated Scope of Work that explains the design phase and time line. When the SOW is approved GOT begins the engineering and design process and the next steps are as follows:

GOT can fulfill low cost quick turn interface products using IN House 3D printing and laser cutting, while simultaneously fulfilling sophisticated combinations of:

  • IMD Plastic
  • Cap Sense
  • Capacitive Touch
  • IR
  • PEDOT and silver NANO (translucent, conductive Inks that will rival ITO in performance and cost.

With its Global footprint, GOT Interface is also able to easily connect with customer ODM’s and CM’s worldwide directly in the America’s, Asia and Europe. From concept to design to manufacture and logistics, GOT Interface has taken its, over, 25 years of Global experience to provide a transparent and robust partnership with its customers.

GOT Interface Facility

West Coast Operations

Our Mission Statement

Dedication, Aptitude, Teamwork and Attitude

GOT Interface is the comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the development and manufacturing of user interface systems. The expertise of our team and the depth of our global supply network enable GOT Interface to deliver rapid time to value for a broad spectrum of applications and industries, from today's technology to tomorrow's innovations.

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