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Flexible Printed Circuits


Flexible Printed Circuits Manufacturer

Flex Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Clean-Room process 5,000-Class
  • VCP Copper Plating (Vertical-Continuous-Plating)
  • Gold/Nickel plating; Tin plating; Immersion Tin
  • Silver-Printed-Shield; Silver-Printed-Thru-Hole
  • Value-Added Assembly Service
    • SMT, 0201 package, BGA, QFN
    • Thru-hole soldering
    • Mechanical parts assemblies, ex. Stainless-supporter, metal-casting, metal-domes, membrane/rubber/plastic

Flex Product Offerings

  • Single-sided/Double-side flex
  • Bare-back Flex, window-type pre-punched
  • Multi-layer flex, up to 6 layers
  • Rigid/Flex board, up to 6 layers
  • Component Assemblies, SMT & Thru-hole
  • 100% Electrical Test, ICT-Test, Function-Test
Flexible Printed Circuits Manufacturer

Flex Quality Assurance

  • Product quality in compliance with IPC-6013 Class-II
  • Soldering quality in compliance with IPC-610-A
  • Cross-section analysis for through-hole copper plating
  • High quality and visually impressive graphics
  • RoHS compliant, Lead-free Process
  • In-house XRF verification
  • In-house X-ray plating measuring & verification
  • Ability to achieve high abrasion and chemical resistance
  • In-house Thermal-Shock & Environment Test in compliance with IPC-TM-650

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