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In Mold Decorating

In-mold-decorating is a process for decorating injection molded plastic parts during the molding cycle. A pre-printed label or decorated film is inserted into mold and held in place via vacuum ports, electrostatic charge, or other method. The plastic injection mold is then closed and the plastic resin injected to mold the part, encapsulating the decoration or label permanently within the finished injection molded part. The IMD design process usually begins with selecting a film that meets the required durability, flexibility, chemical resistance and hardness properties. These requirements include specifications provided by the customer for their particular application.

In Mold Decorating Services

Capabilities & Features

  • IMD decorating are completed in the plastic injection molded process, therefore no secondary operations are required, eliminating decorating labor and equipment costs and time.
  • Design and graphic variations are easily achieved by simply changing to different graphic inserts in the same part run.
  • The graphics are durable and are essentially impossible to remove
  • High quality and visually impressive graphics
  • Ability to use flat, curved or 3D formed labels and graphics
  • Simplifies IP Egress design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ability to achieve high abrasion and chemical resistance
  • In-Line Product Customization
  • Wide range of colors, effects, textures and graphic options.
In Mold Decorating Services


  • Applications for in-mold decorating with pre-printed film inserts continue to expand since technological improvements have made it an option for three-dimensional products with complex surfaces.
  • IMD is used in automobile interior components to contoured control panels on appliances and in a wide variety of consumer products

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