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Capacitive Proximity Switches (Touch Pads)

Capacitive Proximity Switches -
Touch Sensing Technology Electronic User Interfaces

GOT Interface provides a broad range of fixed functional switching devices to support capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels in your applications. This technology can be combined with several backlighting options as well as conventional membrane switch technology. Accommodates substrate thickness up to 50mm, even with a gloved hand. Excellent signal-to-noise ratios deliver unequalled precision in touch applications. Water and temperature resistant.

Advanced Touch Sensing Technologies

Atmel's touch IC's provide superb low power characteristics - a critical requirement for today's handheld and mobile devices. Atmel's solutions for buttons, sliders, and wheels are based on two types of patented capacitive touch acquisition methods:

QTouch® and QMatrix™.

QTouch detects touches by measuring the charge flow at a given point. This method is robust and reliable, and makes it easy to wire touch keys. It is ideal for applications where a small number of keys are required with simple shapes.

QMatrix detects touch using a scanned passive matrix of electrode sets. A single QMatrix based device can drive a large number of keys, enabling a very low cost-per-key to be achieved.

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